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Prior to discovering Evolution-2, I was using seven different tools to track my habit performance across the aspects of my life that I iteratively improve through continuous measurement: weightlifting, running, diet, productivity, studying, reading, and mindfulness.

Working with this many separate applications was a time-consuming and cumbersome element of my morning routine, increasing the probability that I'd "fall off the wagon" intermittently.

In addition to dramatically simplifying my habit-evaluation process and therefore keeping me on track (I have a 100% daily-evaluation completion rate over the past six months), Evo-2 provides several other key benefits I can't now imagine being without.

First, it enables me to instantaneously visualise how derivations from individual habits impact -- positively or negatively -- the others. I can't understate how this feature alone has facilitated the identification and elimination of otherwise subtle and pernicious root causes of issues.

Second, I'm straightforwardly tracking more habits than ever before (34 at present). The resulting breadth and specificity of feedback is well worth the couple of minutes I invest in Evo-2 each morning.

Third, and finally, Evo-2's lagging-indicator monitoring (e.g., "magnetically focused", "relaxed and content", "awoke feeling refreshed") equips me to arrange my habits in harmony with one another.

Acting in concert, my ever-evolving set of daily habits has culminated in a robust, purposeful, and flourishing life.

Jon Krohn

Oxford Neuroscience Ph.D.

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